Holiday Gift Ideas

The festive season is fast approaching!  Here’s our picks for some great holiday gift ideas.  Please note that stock is limited in some items.

Please order to allow a minimum 14-day delivery period with Australia Post.  We highly recommend ordering prior to the end of November for a pre-Christmas delivery, and remember that items can still go missing or experience extended delays.  We will always work with you and Australia Post to resolve any delivery issues.

Caran d’Ache – Les Crayons de la Maison: 7th Edition

These beautiful pencils are made with wood reconstituted from Poplar and Abachi, selected to meet strict quality criteria. All 4 pencils are HB and manufactured from 100% natural products. The featured wood varieties in the 7th Edition are Polychrome Sipo, Streaked White Birch, African Assamela & Grey Limba.

Caran d’Ache – Les Crayons de la Maison: 9th Edition

These beautiful pencils are made with wood reconstituted from Poplar and Ayous, selected to meet strict quality criteria. The pencils are scented in collaboration with Mizensir, the Swiss fragrance experts – the scent is based on the ‘Alps Spirit’ including patchouli essences combined with cetalox, nutmeg and hints of orange.

Caran d’Ache – Les Crayons de la Maison: 10th Edition

The Exotic Pencils of Caran d’Ache #10. These beautiful pencils are made with wood reconstituted from Poplar, selected to meet strict quality criteria. The pencils are scented in collaboration with Mizensir, the Swiss fragrance experts – the scent is based on ‘Patchouli Wood’ including patchouli, cedar and burnt caramel.

Viarco Backyards and Gardens of Portugal

A perfumed collection of pencils which intends to create a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens. With scents of Orange Flower, Lily of Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig and Lavender, these pencils are a tribute to the homes of Portuguese grandparents.

Viarco Vintage Collection – Set of 6 Dozen

The Vintage Collection by Viarco is a limited edition set of six dozen pencils which reflect the history of the Viarco brand. The design of the pencils and the packaging are faithful versions of the many used by Viarco between 1940 and 1960.

Viking Spectrum 39 Pencil Set HB

For the pencil lover who has everything, this selection of 39 brightly coloured HB pencils make an amazing desk display.  The pencils are made in Denmark and are coloured in bright, pastel, metallic and natural finishes.  Please note that these do not come packaged in a Viking gift box.

Caran d’Ache Graphite Line Set

The Caran d’Ache Graphite Line Set is the ultimate drawing set of graphite materials. Includes graphite pencils, graphite sticks, water-soluble pencils and tinted sticks which reveal their colours when wet. This beautiful box set is full of artist quality graphite, making the perfect gift for the professional artist or serious enthusiast.

Holbein Pastel Colour Set of 12

This set of 12 artist quality colour pencils from Holbein come in rich, stunning, and unique pastel colours. They have a smooth creamy texture, blend well, and provide good coverage. The pencils are slightly thicker than others, being 7.8mm with a 3.8mm core. The mixture of oils, waxes and premium pigments result in a very thick layer of colour that is vivid and resists fading.

Tombow ‘Hello Nature’ Gift Set 2B

A great gift idea for kids, these pencils are made by Tombow, one of the finest producers still around.  This beautiful gift set comes with 12 pencils in 6 different animal designs, along with an eraser, sticker set and gift box. All the pencils are 2B and have a natural finish.

Koh-i-Noor Tri-Tone Colour Set

Give the gift of colour!  This set includes 11 coloured pencils, each with 3 different tones woven into the pencil core, along with 1 white blender pencil.  These pencils allow a unique drawing, writing or colouring experience.

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni – Full Art Set of 22

The Hi-Uni represents the top-of-the-line graphite pencil created by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company. These pencils are impeccably designed, down to the smallest details including the gold band and small yellow mark on the end of each pencil. This full range of pencils come in 22 grades (10B to 10H) in a beautiful display tin.

Ultimate Gift Set

The ultimate gift set features the finest of pencils for the ultimate connoisseur. These are some of the most interesting pencils on offer, with a selection of hard and soft pencils from Europe, Japan & America. The perfect gift for someone who can be a little tricky to buy for.

6-Piece Starter Set

This bundle is a great place to start to delve into the world of pencils. We’ve put together 2 European, 2 Japanese and 2 American branded pencils, all of which are very high quality (and some personal favourites). This set will introduce you to the differences in darkness and quality of graphite across regions and brands.

Pencil Bundle: Set for Sketchers

This carefully curated set is perfect for those who love to sketch. With a great range of tonal variety and hardness, these pencils will take your drawings to the next level.

Pencils for Puzzles

Crosswords, sudoku, find-a-word…whatever your puzzle pleasure these pencils will do the job.

Besties for Lefties

If you’re a lefty like me, you’ll know how difficult it can be to write without smudging pencil or ink all over your hand. These pencils lean on the harder side to make it easier to write without making a mess. You can also use a wet highlighter over these pencils with little to no smearing of your text.

Japanese HB Explorer

Want to try a variety of similar pencils to experience the nuances of Japanese graphite quality? This set offers 2 HB pencils from Mitsubishi, 2 HB pencils from Tombow, 1 HB from Kitaboshi and an HB from Camel. We’ve included a vintage Mitsubishi 9800, available exclusively in this set. These brands represent some of the finest pencil makers in the world!

Beautifully Soft Collection

Try a selection of our softest pencils with this set of high-quality pencils. While these may not be the ideal pencils for everyday writing, if you’re more artistically inclined these pencils will allow you to explore some soft dark lines. We’ve included 2 Japanese ‘penmanship’ pencils (4B, 6B) used to practice calligraphy, and are described as ‘brush like’.

An Ensemble for Musicians

Whether creating musical scores in the studio or in the orchestra-pit, this set will give you solid dark lines that aren’t too reflective and will erase relatively easily. We’ve added in a couple of eraser caps to help you make corrections on the fly and a bicolour pencil to add marks that need to stand out.