Mitsubishi Fude-Enpitsu 10B


The Mitsubishi Fude-Enpitsu “Brush Pencil” is one of the softest pencils available on the market.  This high-end pencil is difficult to find and features an extra wide core which can be sharpened into a chisel tip.  Adjusting your writing pressure allows for exquisite variation in darkness and line width, mimicking the elegant sweeps and tapers of a traditional Japanese calligraphy brush.

Unrelated to the car company, Mitsubishi Pencil Company was founded in Japan in 1887 and is considered one of the leading manufacturers of pencils still operating in Japan. Today they are also well known for their Uni-ball brand of products.

Made in Japan.

writing sample

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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