Tombow Vintage Homo 4612 HB


The vintage Japanese made Tombow Homo 4612 pencil is a beautiful lacquered natural wood colour.  It is intended for ‘precision drafting and photo retouching’, features the ‘Japan International Standards’ (JIS) mark and does not have a barcode printed on the pencil.  The pencils include the embossing ‘Made By HOP’ which refers to the original name of the Tombow Pencil Company (Harunosuke Ogawa Pencil).

*Important: A significant amount of the silver embossing is rubbing off due to age and varies pencil to pencil.

Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Japan. Tombow means ‘dragonfly’ in Japanese, as featured on their logo. Tombow no longer manufacture most lines of their pencil products in Japan, however maintain a very high level of quality.

Made in Japan.

*This is a vintage pencil.  Vintage pencils come with age and wear.  There may be marks on the pencil and other signs of age.  We have tried to accurately represent the pencil you will receive in the photos so please check them carefully.

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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