Tombow Mono 100 2B


The high-end ‘MONO100’ was released to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Tombow in 1967. Named ‘MONO100’ as the fineness of the core particles was increased to 10 billion particles per cubic millimetre. It is the highest-quality of all Tombow pencils.

The high-density structure of the graphite lead allows smooth drawing and dark lines on the paper.  The gold engraved letters and ring cap stand out against the smooth and glossy jet black body. These are truly beautiful pencils to look at and to use.

Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Japan. Tombow means ‘dragonfly’ in Japanese, as featured on their logo. Tombow no longer manufacture most lines of their pencil products in Japan, however maintain a very high level of quality.

Made in Vietnam.

sample writing

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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