Kum Masterpiece Gold Sharpener


This is the iconic KUM Masterpiece (Meisterwerk) sharpener, however in a special gold and black finish instead of silver and blue.  The Masterpiece is exactly what every artist, designer and architect needs. The blade sharpens at a small angle for an extremely long, thin point. This means the point will stay sharp for longer, so you don’t need to sharpen as often.  It can also give you more exposed lead for shading and artistic effects.

The Masterpiece sharpens in two steps:

  1. Only the wood is removed, exposing the lead.
  2. The lead is sharpened and formed.

The sliding stopper can be removed and you can continue to remove the wood from the pencil in Step 1, exposing whatever length of lead you need.  Because the point is extremely delicate, these sharpeners are only suitable for high-quality pencils otherwise the point may break easily.

The Masterpiece is packed in a plastic case and a neoprene pouch and comes with two replacement blades.

Founded in 1919, Kum is the oldest producer of sharpeners in the world. They pride themselves on what sets them apart from other manufacturers – carbon-steel instead of inox steel, magnesium instead of aluminium or cast metals, and extremely high quality curved blades.

This is a special edition sharpener produced in small quantities and is limited in stock.

Made in Germany.

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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