Koh-i-Noor Thermotransfer


Thermotransfer pencils are designed to transfer pencil marks from paper to fabric using heat.  With these pencils you can make a drawing onto baking paper (using the least shiny side) and then transfer the image onto fabric or other surfaces with an iron.  Cotton fabrics take the transfer the best, and it can be possible to make multiple copies with a single drawing.  Note that the final image on the fabric will be the mirror image of the drawing on the paper.

One of the oldest stationery companies in the world, Koh-i-Noor was established in the Czech Republic in 1790. The name Koh-i-Noor comes from the name of one of the world’s largest cut diamonds, which is part of the British crown jewels.

Made in Czech Republic.

writing sample koh-i-noor thermotransfer pencil

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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