Blackwing Volume 17


Gardens have long been a place for meditative contemplation.  They provide us with an escape from a world that constantly demands our attention.

The Blacking Volume 17 examines the mindful practice of gardening.  Each pencil features an earth-toned colour palette: olive green finish, dark brown ferrule and imprint, and burgundy eraser.  Each pencil also features balanced graphite and a 10cm ruler stamped into the barrel which can be used to chart the growth of seedlings in your plant log.

Graphite: Balanced.  Released September 2023.

Click here to learn about the Blackwing brand and the differences between each variety.

In 2015 Blackwing introduced the Volumes series, a limited edition pencil released each quarter celebrating the people, places and events that have defined our creative culture. Blackwing have paid tribute to everything from John Steinbeck’s writing ritual to Ada Lovelace’s contribution to computer science. A summary of Blackwing Volumes are presented here.

Note that Blackwing pencils are longer than most pencils, at around 20cm.  Blackwing is an American brand under Palomino.  The pencils are made with Japanese graphite and Californian cedar.

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Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.


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