Blackwing Eras (2023 Edition)


Blackwing Eras are inspired by some of the earliest Blackwings ever produced, paying homage to the past and celebrating the future of the brand. The version released in 2023 features a retro design inspired by the Van Dyke 601 with a yellow barrel, dark grey ferrule with a gold band, and red eraser.  The pencil uses firm graphite, and features a ‘PULL OUT CLAMP TO LENGTHEN ERASER‘ imprint.

Click here to learn about the Blackwing brand and the differences between each variety.

Note that Blackwing pencils are longer than most pencils, at around 20cm.  Blackwing is an American brand under Palomino.  The pencils are made with Japanese graphite and Californian cedar.

writing sample

Photos are often taken of multiple pencils, however all pencils are sold individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

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